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Christina Taft

Entrepreneur - Create your own lane.

About Taft

Christina is a multiple founder, innovator, entrepreneur, egalitarian, and futurist.

Founder of several initiatives to change paradigms including Worldie.com – Social Media for Good, she turns ideas into action, influences using technology for positive social impact, and creates her own lane.
Innovation, solving problems, ethics, and finding new ways.

– Christina Taft

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Multiple Founder

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Social Media for Good, Partners, and Technology

Safe and Equal World. Safety, Equality, Rescue, and All-In-One. Change the world and help others. Open your world. – Worldie.com

Worldie connects people with helpful social media systems by creating safety, equality, rescue, and humanitarianism as a center of services, communications, and technology for good.

Worldie‘s mission is to create safety, equality, rescue, humanitarianism, and all-in-one integration to improve and save lives with technology, social impact, services, helpful social media systems, public safety, proactivity, and a network of partners for a better world.

Enjoy life with a public safety, humanitarian, and services focused social media & rescue social tech. 🎁

New era: Safety, Equality, Rescue, and Tech4Good.

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● Created Motivationology.org and the theory with motivation at the center. Externalize, instead of internalize. 36 tenets for resilience, action, and empowerment to change situations. Focus on strengths, not weaknesses. I created this theory as an alternative and it works very well. There’s also relationship triage which is a great alternative and I’ve used it successfully many times – even if just online!
● I use Motivationology for positive social impact, encouragement, team management, motivation, resilience, empowerment, and training. We’ll know how to make people feel more positive and in control of their environment.

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Public Safety Tech & Victims Alliance

Also a Founder of:

Other initiatives…

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As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Audrey Hepburn

Social Impact & Leadership Awards

Now an entrepreneur, she wants to pay it forward with new creations and organizations which make positive social impact. She creates pathways for new solutions. Create the future.

Certificate of Excellence – Peace Education & Practice Network

Summa cum laude – 2013 & 2019

Patrick Kevin Malarkey Scholarship

“Bright Minds” Scholarship from Pacific Gas & Electric

College of Business, General Scholarship

Leadership Award: National Society of Leadership & Success

R. Scott Chalmers Scholarship

Louise A. Hagadorn Scholarship

Upward Bound Scholarship

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