About Christina Taft

Christina Taft is a resilient innovator, multiple founder, and social entrepreneur who works on making a difference. She’s the founder of Worldie.com – Social Media for Good – and Motivationology.

The best way to change the future is to try to create it. Inventive, she’s usually thinking of new ideas and solutions to problems as well as influencing social causes.

As the original founder of Worldie.com, she started it to challenge the policies and entire foundations of other platforms and to create a helpful social media system. Social impact and social effects are important – people’s lives and society can be fully changed from online effects in the ecosystem. With diverse, international committees and a network of partners, they intend to change the model of social media to social impact, nonprofit, services, public safety, and humanitarian based.

Christina is attending an online Master’s in Business Administration program from American University in Washington D.C.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude, which is top of her class, from two colleges. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from CSU Chico in 2019.  She has two Associate degrees in Business Administration and Social Science. She received 6 scholarships, enjoys impacting organizations, thrives on leadership, and often volunteers for causes.

She’s accustomed to overcoming adversity, such as growing up in rural areas and with a single mother, Victoria Taft, who was her only family growing up.

Vicki was lost in the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA on November 8, 2018. Her mom is greatly missed and will continue to be remembered. Victoria has inspired changes to update rescue systems technology.

She strives to use a Motivationology view in order to move past any hurdles.

Other than working on initiatives and spreading ideas for changing paradigms, she listens to music that mostly has rock tunes. In any organization or project she creates, she strives to be straightforward, honest, ethical, egalitarian, futurist, and genuine.

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 Innovative, Creative, Difference Maker, Futurist

Interesting Facts

  • Traditionally, the Tafts were civil and apparently progressive, with Lydia Taft being the first female voter in the United States colonies, as well as builders.
  • The last name Taft that I’ve always used is matrilineal for 3 generations – Taft is my mother’s mother’s last name. I intend to create that as a tradition.
  • Diplomacy and international relations fascinates me.


  1. Bright Minds Scholarship from Pacific Gas & Electric
  2. College of Business, General Scholarship
  3. R. Scott Chalmers Scholarship
  4. Patrick Kevin Malarkey Scholarship
  5. Louise A. Hagadorn Scholarship
  6. Upward Bound Scholarship
  7. Leadership Award from the National Society of Leadership & Success
  8. Summa Cum Laude (Top of Class) – 2013 and 2019
  9. Dean’s List

Courses & Conferences

  • Business on the Internet
  • Corporate Technology Integration
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Economic Forecast Conference
  • Human Resource Management
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Arm Meetup
  • Marketing
  • Medical Education in the New Millennium – Online Stanford Class
  • Operations Management
  • Stanford Medicine X Conference

Christina Taft

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