March 11, 2018

Automation Ideas – Medical

by Christina Taft in Uncategorized

– Joking.

Blocked on FB after trying to share this to groups 🙂 from a “Medical CONSUMER Board” page IDEA.

“An Idea for Improved Ambulances with Algorithms/Automation:

1. Cell phone towers for internet/wifi
2. Build in Likely Asian countries/overseas for Outsourcing (they already do for cars)
3. Outline walls of ambulance with thin sensing machinery
4. Put in algorithm sensing machines which give off readings
5. Use claimed least existing “targeted individual” body homeostasis/sensing technology for usefulness – e.g. Heat maps, barometric pressure, and other readings
6. Flip the pyramid/front line of EMTs who know nothing with high tech, intelligent machines
7. algorithm programs as well during questioning for symptoms, etc, but should sense issues
8. Test in those countries for lower wages, then move to States for final testing
9. Machines which do the typical emergency work – cardio to pulmonary – which actually can be more accurate than the strap on ones or people
10. Likely some robotics ^^

Imagine all the millions they spend now on BS. Sure you could feel you are entering an assembly line, now literally medically, but it is AI/tech/Internet integration.

The “professionals” are now nearly outsourced by machines. Of course some people as well… Try getting that across to medical people and they will resist.

ICUs can also have the automatic integration, as well. No need to worry about checking?! Who knows.

Imagine these sensing algorithms all over…. also algorithms to respond to what is occurring.

Vertical integration can further occur for materials or outsourcing materials. Your medical jobs then are threatened by more intelligent machines.

Applications/computer programs to outsource primary care physicians by self-diagnosing a list of symptoms. They are maybe trying that now… But you don’t need backwards “Watson” to do it.

Good luck trying to integrate that publicly….”


It could be super exciting to make the “medical field” well… non-“medical” and integrated with online, internet, technology.

But I mean, algorithms are just programs, and they run factors.


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