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Not Presenting Worldie to CSU Chico – Politically Hostile

Political Killing?! Ouch. This just hurts, but to prevent more hurt, I will NOT present to CSU Chico again. I really, REALLY hope that they don’t force anymore in-class presentations, either.

Is it political? I guess it’s unknown because just like Twitter and Facebook, they’ll NEVER say it to your face, not unless investigated by undercover reporters like Project Veritas.

Massive political reports are being uncovered, but ask a student at CSU Chico about anything, and they say they know nothing.

Information going to gov’t? “Who cares.” Political bias? They won’t say a word, and then next class period or so, you see strong strong pushing about leftism. Nobody is “Other,” and there are many reasons for that.

I emailed all of them, and not one even tried the demo/made an account to see it. How do I know? I can see who has accounts via front-end search.

I’m tired of them saying, “that’s great,” or “good luck” while in reality – they will kill me and my idea, indirectly. Just like those Bay Area companies. It’s definitely like that, and I only live 4 hours away from there.

**Don’t report my language, imaginary ‘gods’ people**

They don’t deserve my time. In fact, these classes are totally useless. All people do is look up the answers to these quizzes, which are also pointless. Pointless things. When you could probably go over the main ideas in 10 minutes. Organizational structures, make stereotypes about markets, blah blah, etc. Enough said.

Why go into these pointless terminologies? Damn, I must be so damn negative.

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Worldie Domain Obtained & Free Speech!

Worldie’s domain was obtained finally on Feb 19th. Delayed happiness over this victory 🙂. I’m getting more excited over time! Some testers like it, and we don’t even have all the improvements or milestones rolled out. I’m constantly doing improvements, and well, a site such as this does.

Since accidentally seeing that magazine and article from WIRED when it was sent to me in the mail, there’s even more proof that social media is being politically or otherwise biased, and giving information to governments. “The Golden Era of Free Speech” (all rusted) doesn’t have to go away. Their first entry on the timeline for FBook starts in 2007. Prism started in 2009, according to an Edward Snowden video. It doesn’t matter which side of the political atmosphere it is entirely – it is totally meant to control the narrative, and activism of all sorts is squashed.

The response over the last decade is very clear. We now have people who have NO idea what privacy means, the values of free speech, or how to even change well, anything. “So what” can be the reaction to when I mention that the gov’t “feeds” all the information into their databases automatically.

I’ve seen so many, ehm, “bugs” on Fedbook/Facebook, that well, it is not all “bugs” (they just want you to think that way). Instead of them being at fault for censoring, it’s your fault for questioning all these “errors.” For so much money that they have, can they not “adequately” control a database? I’d be surprised. No, they’re mostly algorithms and filters. You also cannot even report errors anymore, and that’s clear, too.

Some obvious, in your face ones are: Anonymous Livestream 2.0 being deleted (and the previous one as well), Anonymous Hackers group showing the cell-phone version on a laptop/desktop, auto-spamming instantly any comments against islam, and well, it’s honestly endless, ehm, “errors.” I see them daily and complaints daily.

Before you think the person getting censored is doing something wrong instead of the one censoring, maybe think about how much FREER it was only 10 years ago. I’m also tired of the media, the bias, etc. I understand, PR AGENCIES, but come on.

I’m so happy for Worldie! It’s been at least 10 years for a good enough network to say no to the government and political or other biased censorship. It really doesn’t matter which side it is – it is simply elitist.

#Worldie #TimeForChange

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Did Not Get Accelerator Funding for Worldie*

Although on Thursday we did not get accelerator funding for Worldie*, there were several reasons for why, mainly which I think applies to the audience. I posted this onto Facebook, Tumblr, and Minds:

“We did not get funding from that CSU Chico accelerator presentation due to 1) confusion with “intranet,” 2) believing that no one can enter a market with monopolies, 3) lack of understanding of platform growth – requiring user content.

We will continue to be #SelfFunded and there are people online who believe in our idea! We will change our name in between phase 1 and 2. We have an entire strategy and constantly revise to improve. In response, we’re removing ALL photo ID requirements in our plan, including rideshare. We’ll also auto-approve graphic ads (not only sponsoring content) to remove costs for moderation significantly!

We learn from leaders such as Vid.Me and other platforms! We have many non-monetary reasons for being an alternative with same features + more! The examples of sites we showed are not necessarily competitors, but complements and leaders to learn from in an endlessly growing social media industry.”

Regardless, we will change our name in between phase 1 and 2. This will highly increase our marketability and appeal, as well as diminish the complaints we receive about it. Originally in April 2016, I had a different name for it, but I was unable to obtain the domain name. I further decided to get started on development and design if I could, and remarkably found a great small team on Now, since I think we could be large possibly one day, it is important to obtain this name change.

Thankfully, the owners in Slovenia replied this time, although short. There is no clarification on what service or registrar to use, so likely I will try to use the Namecheap Agents to straighten this out likely in January or February. We can likely even get the name changed before phase 1 goes online, since it was estimated for around March 2018.

Regardless, whether we become large or not, we will be hopefully a good enough alternative. I’m constantly trying to make navigation easier on the site. Despite doubt, we can be great! Some other sites created with far less have done well!

I will regularly blog on our progress. This site has also been updated! If we ever do become successful, for anyone reading, we hope that anyone can create Start Ups! It is the start ups and new ideas which change the world and future. To change the future, you should create it.

I also changed the name of ‘ventures’ for the ‘business’ module (set for phase 3 now) to ‘Start Ups’ to be more regular and understandable vernacular. We want to create as many ways to use a social network as possible, all-in-one! And, an alternative! Meanwhile, finals set in and mostly, what is used is outside of the classroom.

Stay tuned for this network!

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