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Algorithms/Automation/Censorship by despicables – Upside Down!

– Joking.

Blocked on FB after trying to share this to groups πŸ™‚ from a “Medical CONSUMER Board” page IDEA.

“An Idea for Improved Ambulances with Algorithms/Automation:

1. Cell phone towers for internet/wifi
2. Build in Likely Asian countries/overseas for Outsourcing (they already do for cars)
3. Outline walls of ambulance with thin sensing machinery
4. Put in algorithm sensing machines which give off readings
5. Use claimed least existing “targeted individual” body homeostasis/sensing technology for usefulness – e.g. Heat maps, barometric pressure, and other readings
6. Flip the pyramid/front line of EMTs who know nothing with high tech, intelligent machines
7. algorithm programs as well during questioning for symptoms, etc, but should sense issues
8. Test in those countries for lower wages, then move to States for final testing
9. Machines which do the typical emergency work – cardio to pulmonary – which actually can be more accurate than the strap on ones or people
10. Likely some robotics ^^

Imagine all the millions they spend now on BS. Sure you could feel you are entering an assembly line, now literally medically, but it is AI/tech/Internet integration.

The “professionals” are now nearly outsourced by machines. Of course some people as well… Try getting that across to medical people and they will resist.

ICUs can also have the automatic integration, as well. No need to worry about checking?! Who knows.

Imagine these sensing algorithms all over…. also algorithms to respond to what is occurring.

Vertical integration can further occur for materials or outsourcing materials. Your medical jobs then are threatened by more intelligent machines.

Applications/computer programs to outsource primary care physicians by self-diagnosing a list of symptoms. They are maybe trying that now… But you don’t need backwards “Watson” to do it.

Good luck trying to integrate that publicly….”


It could be super exciting to make the “medical field” well… non-“medical” and integrated with online, internet, technology. Seriously full of it. Who needs these people. Also, a lot sort of exists now, but used for killing, not for benevolent reasons. Plus, if you tell anyone first-hand experience, then well, your silenced and punished rather severely. Well, imaginations can be free.

But I mean, algorithms are just programs, and they run factors. Anyways, not much support or interest. Then upon that, after this, I got this stupid narcissism.

Seriously! In the past, business people funded it all. Now, it’s “unknown” who funds things.

Also, that other person in that class, about the DNA reconstruction and osteoblasts, well imagine beyond that anti-aging to well, many many ways of doing things. I can imagine the bone part. Imagine if I could do research :p…. as the funder/manager/administrator. Who are your administrators?!

HILARIOUS. Well, businesses should step up. No more “laypeople” nonsense. It’s all dumbed down, with that 40+ year old equipment.

Had some terrible experiences after fall 2014, especially January 2015 for almost 2 weeks. ‘Course, it’s basically “illegal” (per say, de facto) to even BEGIN explaining that one. Imagine 24/7 torturous effects on and off, with some severe, then some less. Even traveling through different “air pressures” and ummm bunch of other EXTERNAL things, but not really ever “escaping.” Awwww I can only discuss… dogs or cats. I guess.

Motivationology is great because it’s like super de-programming/reverse training. Aw, I cannot define that, either. I guess I had to put a “label” to what I already knew, plus had to built on it to um, get out of that, zone, so to speak.

Fun stuff!!!

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Society – What If It Was Different?

I may be being vague about the title, but here are some things which eat away at me (and I just happened to be watching this video – and I suppose it also applies). I go through ethical dilemmas inside, and I change my mind on this, yet, I’m also stubborn. Other people, simply don’t… #HereComesControversy

1. There are lots of homeless people. Sadly, I had an experience when I volunteered at a shelter, when I had an extra room in an apartment that I was renting, that I got in trouble for writing a note that maybe a person (who actually had left there) could stay there. Their reaction was to take me into “the room/aside” (I guess this happens a lot wherever I go :P) and tell me that I couldn’t do that. It’s “dangerous.”

So, 55,000 people in Los Angeles are homeless (this was not in Los Angeles). A couch probably actually is all necessary, not a room (I had some backwards view that a room was required, I guess), and lots probably could do it. They also probably could get EBT/Food Stamps, so no worries about them “eating you out of house and home.” But ehhh, that was really really bothersome.

I literally, from all the experiences I’ve had, feel like I “have” to pretend that I cannot even talk to them, or react anymore. Sure, I’ve been scammed before, but people are very, very, angry, if you give anything. Extremely so. UNLESS IT IS FOOD (which a lot still have). I still kind of, look/stare a bit, and think stuff in my head. So, I guess they are animals? Yet, I’m not far from that… space.

It was just a note… which didn’t happen. I didn’t say it in-person because frankly, I was afraid/expecting that I could get in trouble for offering. Sad, In-My-Opinion. That was a shelter, where also it can take weeks for people to get into and massive screening.

That COULD change. Would be nice. But it won’t. If you talk to them, then I don’t know… I remember so many nasty things said in the past to me if they find out. And well, I cannot keep everything I do to myself, but it was awful stuff. Angry, so angry.

Because of other things I experienced from fall 2014 – fall 2016, I don’t do anything very much now. It’s dangerous – not really from them – but from authorities. Yes, there was a scam, but if society was different, maybe it wouldn’t have been required.

2. Then there’s how nobody cares about this idea I have. I think they think that all business people are selfish?! That’s a false dichotomy.

3. …….. Not sure if there’s a point here.



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Entrepreneurship, Joy the Movie, and Anti-Status Quos

“If this ever goes someplace, some movies like Joy and Pursuit of Happyness are great!

Also, 1) At California State University, Chico, one of the ‘judges’ laughed at us BEFORE we even started to present, as if I would not know how to do a PowerPoint. “If you don’t know how to do a PowerPoint, don’t even bother starting.” HAHAHA – Actually, I had practiced beforehand and of course I knew
– Also laughed at name.

2) 29 C’s (majority of room) said “Scrap idea and go back to the drawing board” (something like that) at my 1 min 20 sec. Pitch in fall…

3) Chico Start didn’t even bother to look at my typed pages when I was seeing if I could get any help with the start up… (so obviously NO feedback on design or development). Instead, do a SURVEY (asking somebody who has NO local ‘friends’) of IF… IF… they would want a different social network. (To discourage the idea obviously, and be REGRESSIVE).
(Did not know about Minds, Gab, Loom, Loomio, etc before to challenge them on that).

4) … well you get the jist. No support around here.

Learn more outside of class.”

– I posted this on Fakebook, Fedbook, Farcebook, or what-have-you (Closed-off Book). πŸ™‚ Actually, I do have a brain, and actually creativity, innovation, resilience, plus some management skills (or well, natural personality), mixes very well.

It’s alright, I just TRY to listen to music, videos, and more inspiring subjects, plus some anti-status quo people or subjects…. all outside of this area. Wouldn’t you think someone and other people who talk online mostly would be better at making networks to make people well, meet? That’s the whole point.

Irony is that people will say to “listen” (as an “EQ” skill – lol, well I got 60s and 50s and proud of it! Sheep zones…) in one class, but if I listened to people, whoooo knows where I would be. Likely not in a good place :P. #LearnYourself #CarryOn – It isn’t all about standardization.

If there is a 70% decline of entrepreneurship under 30 since 1989, it is very, very clear to me why. As for why those people reacted the way they did, I can only speculate in a negative way. Moreover, I criticize calculus required for many business schools now, as it is unrelated. The degrees get harder, the price increases, and the employers say we have less skills or they don’t match up.

Fantastic factory, isn’t it?

I love the below clip, too. “Don’t ever speak on behalf of my business again.” This movie should have way more fans!


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