March 3, 2018

Society – What If It Was Different?

by Christina Taft in Uncategorized

I may be being vague about the title, but here are some things which eat away at me (and I just happened to be watching this video – and I suppose it also applies). I go through ethical dilemmas inside, and I change my mind on this, yet, I’m also stubborn. Other people, simply don’t… #HereComesControversy

1. There are lots of homeless people. Sadly, I had an experience when I volunteered at a shelter, when I had an extra room in an apartment that I was renting, that I got in trouble for writing a note that maybe a person (who actually had left there) could stay there. Their reaction was to take me into “the room/aside” (I guess this happens a lot wherever I go :P) and tell me that I couldn’t do that. It’s “dangerous.”

So, 55,000 people in Los Angeles are homeless (this was not in Los Angeles). A couch probably actually is all necessary, not a room (I had some backwards view that a room was required, I guess), and lots probably could do it. They also probably could get EBT/Food Stamps, so no worries about them “eating you out of house and home.” But ehhh, that was really really bothersome.

I literally, from all the experiences I’ve had, feel like I “have” to pretend that I cannot even talk to them, or react anymore. Sure, I’ve been scammed before, but people are very, very, angry, if you give anything. Extremely so. UNLESS IT IS FOOD (which a lot still have). I still kind of, look/stare a bit, and think stuff in my head. So, I guess they are animals? Yet, I’m not far from that… space.

It was just a note… which didn’t happen. I didn’t say it in-person because frankly, I was afraid/expecting that I could get in trouble for offering. Sad, In-My-Opinion. That was a shelter, where also it can take weeks for people to get into and massive screening.

That COULD change. Would be nice. But it won’t. If you talk to them, then I don’t know… I remember so many nasty things said in the past to me if they find out. And well, I cannot keep everything I do to myself, but it was awful stuff. Angry, so angry.

Because of other things I experienced from fall 2014 – fall 2016, I don’t do anything very much now. It’s dangerous – not really from them – but from authorities. Yes, there was a scam, but if society was different, maybe it wouldn’t have been required.

2. Then there’s how nobody cares about this idea I have. I think they think that all business people are selfish?! That’s a false dichotomy.

3. …….. Not sure if there’s a point here.



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