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#Ethics Vs. #Law. – “Law” Does Not Mean Right

#Ethics Vs. #Law. Just because there is a “law” does not make it right.

In 1830, there were over 350 ways to get death penalty in #Britain (#UK), including for sheep stealing.

Today, there is no death penalty in the UK.

Remember to fight for #Freedom!

I posted this on my social media in response to that Yahoo article about the 20 year old New Jersey woman beaten mainly for having alcohol on a beach. It makes no sense to me…

Of course, it was done with the exception of Fedbook/Fakebook, since I locked my profile down to do, or take, any other posts on it.

I’m mainly there, like many others, because of a continual “likes” and following increases of pages (or for me, mainly 1 page). We need pages and groups to leave… and we will 😉

Worldie.com will be hopefully good enough to compete as an alternative soon… WORLDIE!

The groups, which I’ve seen and managed the design of, should be great! Further, I’ve wanted a new social network for a LONG time. Now, we can finally get more features! There are at least 5 features which will be unique to our groups, which The Facebook does not have. I’m excited for them.

Whether the activist, for business, or other… Worldie will welcome you :).

*Should have invested before! I freely show our Terms of Service, and have revised due to feedback. My approach will be different…

Finally, an ethical social media company. All-In-One!

Meanwhile, I find this Tom Anderson of Myspace joke hilarious!

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Outsourcing, Why 15-30 Secs for Resumes, & Management

Why not outsource if a start up? Further, why 15-30 second reviews for resumes?! This Carrie Underwood video in Africa takes my mind off the negativity that I HAVE to learn about in these classes. I feel so limited by these standardized classes.

(Frankly, I always questioned what I read, so have to watch videos/music, etc, to move on from it all. Questioning everything also makes a person very bad at standardized entry exams, IQ exams, and definitely 10000% “EQ.” You are sitting there arguing with what you read and why it is presented as such, the bigger meaning, while the “type” of thinking they promote is conformist, taking orders, and not questioning the material). Regurgitation.

Honestly, well, I do not think very positively that supposedly recruiters who (if they aren’t hiring by word-of-mouth) look at resumes for merely seconds. What are they looking for, exactly? Something they are familiar with? Someone they know? A certain “type” of person (cultural or demographical?). Certainly, it isn’t very “bright” to look at 100 resumes in only 50 minutes (100 x 30 seconds/60 seconds a minute). 50 minutes isn’t even an hour of labor!

Moreover, I wonder why no one outsources to Africa. I can only speculate why, and it isn’t positive. Online, I’ve found that many do speak English. The minimum wage skills here isn’t much higher than the skills there. Also, with the tech industry, it’s even easier to Tele-Commute (or well, maybe it should be updated to Web-Commute – maybe one day). Jobs would surely improve the situation far more than… whatever is being done.

Upon this, I’ve been trying to figure out if companies that headquarter in other countries are subject to NSL letters. It’s ridiculous. Personally, I think people behind the scenes are making tons of profit over exploitation, and well, word-of-mouth circles makes this certainly easier to do while calling anyone who questions anything “afraid, paranoid” or what-have-you. Then, they try to narrow people onto certain distracting theories and scapegoats which totally ignore these… whatever they are, word-of-mouth webs.

No “Who’s Who” books these days. Who owns what? You have no clue with stock-holding corporations. That also makes it far easier.


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