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#Ethics Vs. #Law. – “Law” Does Not Mean Right

#Ethics Vs. #Law. Just because there is a “law” does not make it right.

In 1830, there were over 350 ways to get death penalty in #Britain (#UK), including for sheep stealing.

Today, there is no death penalty in the UK.

Remember to fight for #Freedom!

I posted this on my social media in response to that Yahoo article about the 20 year old New Jersey woman beaten mainly for having alcohol on a beach. It makes no sense to me…

Of course, it was done with the exception of Fedbook/Fakebook, since I locked my profile down to do, or take, any other posts on it.

I’m mainly there, like many others, because of a continual “likes” and following increases of pages (or for me, mainly 1 page). We need pages and groups to leave… and we will 😉

Worldie.com will be hopefully good enough to compete as an alternative soon… WORLDIE!

The groups, which I’ve seen and managed the design of, should be great! Further, I’ve wanted a new social network for a LONG time. Now, we can finally get more features! There are at least 5 features which will be unique to our groups, which The Facebook does not have. I’m excited for them.

Whether the activist, for business, or other… Worldie will welcome you :).

*Should have invested before! I freely show our Terms of Service, and have revised due to feedback. My approach will be different…

Finally, an ethical social media company. All-In-One!

Meanwhile, I find this Tom Anderson of Myspace joke hilarious!

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