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Camp Fire, my Mom, & Worldie

The CampFire was devastating like no other event. My mom, Victoria Taft, was lost in the fire on November 8, 2018. 

It destroyed a town called Paradise, California with its horrible communication, almost no technology use…

My mom’s memorial will be held on January 12th in Sacramento. Vicki should be remembered. She was a great person and is extremely missed.


I guess I’m sort of speaking in both 1st and 2nd person.

((Also I posted this onto TaftBiz too, so that’s why it’s less personal))

However, over a month later, I will again work on Worldie over time, but this time, the LLC will be dissolved and it’s just my technology hobby. It will be All-In-One Social Media, and at the same time, I will be working on an Emergency Platform prototype as an internship. I will try to solve these communication and centralization issues. The social media platforms are not made for emergencies. It’s sad that they would announce the evacuation there, and tell us to put missing people onto Fakebook instead of onto the county sheriff’s website.

We had to find out McDonalds was burned on Instagram, and 300 trapped in a parking lot on that website. Calling the fire and police line did nothing. In fact, everything was in-person and word-of-mouth only as I had thought for ages, but I thought at least calling may work. 911/dispatch never responded to me. I had to ask CHP in-person to call it in hours too late.


It’s scary that with more technology, emergency response is getting WORSE. This is my project for 2019.


Meanwhile, I will adhere to my mom’s wishes against futuristic. She preferred modern. When I do work on Worldie, the tagline is this: All-In-One Social Media. As a hobby, it can be stripped for other uses or reverse engineered.


“All-In-One Social Media. Join the Future. — Feeds, Posts, Video Channels, Photo Walls, Groups, Pages, Shop, Events, People, and More. 🌍

Worldie is a socially responsible leader in social media. We are an all-in-one place to meet people.

Worldie will create a better future in social media. We value change, innovation, consumer rights, freedom of expression, benefiting society, and political neutrality. Worldie values the individual. We act with ethics, transparency, and integrity. Limitless potential is a future we value.

Worldie has integration of features, better policies, and shows all user content with easy-to-use categorization. Have friends, contacts, fans, favorites, likes, and promotion.

Join the future of social media.”


It’s extremely devastating because my mom was my only family. I’ll put a page up later with her photos and a tribute if I can onto my website later. She was right once again. I shouldn’t have left so quickly because she didn’t go with me. No official warnings ever happened and I wasn’t a loud enough authority.


There’s a tribute to my mom Vicki Taft, who deserved better, with photos at: GoFundMe.com/camp-fire-lost-mom-and-home 


❤ My Tribute to My Mom ❤

Victoria Taft was nice, generous, social, independent, honest, trustworthy, caring, facetious, dependable, sarcastic, modest, smart, stubborn, and loyal. She cared about other people more than herself. She always thought the world was better than it was. She was liked by whoever knew her. She mostly went by Vicki. We had lived together in Paradise for 10 years. She loved the community, had volunteered in it, and did not want to leave it.  I wish we had.

Victoria, my mom, was 66 and born November 11, 1951 in Pennsylvania. Her birthday was just 3 days after the fire. She grew up in Los Angeles. She was a single mom who mostly stayed at home after I was born in 1993. We then lived in Arizona for 12 years and moved to Paradise in 2008.

In her life she did acting, real estate, and other jobs in Los Angeles and Southern California. Her last job, aside from a temporary caregiving one for several months in Paradise, was as a stunt double in Dick Tracy in 1989/1990.  In the 1970’s, she went to UCLA, but did not finish. In her 20s or 30s, my mom wrote a book called Tara about her life and traveling with her friend in Europe. I was not able to not read her book before it was lost when I was younger. She also was disabled at the end. I loved her. She deserved a longer life and I miss her.

Because we didn’t have mandatory orders from authority or any warning to leave, my mother didn’t know it would be as bad as it was and didn’t evacuate with me. I feel pain, guilt, shame, loss, death, and anger about what happened. I wish I had stayed longer and that the emergency response was better. The fire was deadly.


Victoria Taft, my mom.

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Ideas & Stopping Standardization – Different Future

Individualization & Limitless Potential? Strengths, not weaknesses.

I often have ideas, but unable to do anything about them.

There are several problems:

– Imaginary barriers of entry (educational system creates this)

– Standardization

  • We need individualism and to focus on people’s talents/strengths, not forcing them to repeatedly do things over and over for decades. Once is enough, or not at all.
  • Imagine if the old days of talent and crafting was used in a different way – but with Artificial Intelligence allowing people to skip grades, skip degrees, and not take the classes that they don’t need.
    • Levels, I guess… and no need for student debt.
    • The hardest part about this is that the system makes profit off of holding people back. Not only a middle class barrier, but also a barrier that keeps the richest at the top in a hierarchy, forcing people below them to learn about guess what – THEIR PRODUCTS, THEIR BUSINESSES, and THEIR THEORIES… not yours.
      • Boards, certain ones, and licenses can also be dangerous with limiting potential
    • “Behaviorism” – It increases its stranglehold on society everyday. It labels Creatives as “counter work productive” (aka, anti entrepreneurship) and makes certain ideas, lines of people even, extinct.
      • Hide or be labeled and limited. More economic slavery. Notice many are anti-status quo or creative.
  • The educational system is 250 years old – It’s time for it to be replaced with something better.
  • Also AI isn’t “like a human” – all it does is learn from reactions, effects, etc like a machine. The way it’s discussed is wrong, and victimizing.
  • NO Entry Exams – just start and go.
    • No more lowly “you didn’t do this question right, even though it’s too simple for the big picture” degradation.


Outsourcing, Automation, and AI in medical – remove all those jobs, delightfully.
– Consumers, not laypeople… Consumer Boards
  • In 2016 I think, I imagined outsourcing the technology as well from Business to Business INSTEAD to Business to Consumer. Now the people are empowered with their own medical equipment. Everywhere. Then use the technology databases to let people figure it out themselves
  • Don’t get me started on how backwards the medical field is, either. It’s archaic and bizarre. But I know that’s also for profitable and controlling purpose.

Stop using 40 year old calculators. Also, who actually has used the “math” they learned in school in REAL LIFE? Likely almost none. Then they degrade us to learn it again, and again, and again. It’s like an endless cycle of destruction. Let the machines ADVANCE with AI and do it.

  • Stop forcing students to do it by hand if they can just jump right away into the programming.
    • I know controllers get highs from making people feel lessor than them, but this is ridiculous

OUTSOURCING: There’s a huge divide on how to find people. Connect real life, in person, online…

LET THE REAL PEOPLE TALK: Those who actually *want* to make the world a better place with ideas, should talk, not get constantly divided and interrupted by the control freak or boring types. This may mean new organizations that create more advanced quality controls.

Scientific Method: OLD. Actually, qualitative witnessing, observations, first-hand accounts matter also. There are hundreds to thousands of layers for each issue.


THINK LIKE A NETWORK (that all connects and effects), NOT A HIERARCHY. No beginning and no end.

Push technology to EMPOWER, not manipulate. And spread it. It actually pays off more for everyone if they’re empowered instead of controlled downward.


That’s my message of the day (:

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