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Help Online: Technology Hierarchy of Power

Did you know technology is actually a hierarchy of power?

It’s kept and wielded above disadvantaged demographics while making the people not know that the social credit system is simulated with backends of prejudice.

It’s why the Sims 3 is a great analogy.

What’s bothersome for my team and myself is that people will get cyberabused in this simulation and the social media systems will allow the “Sims” to abuse others – which affects their lives, careers, and well-being.

People continually are pushed back to even before I was 3 years ago – arguing over ‘speech’ when it’s completely invalid in an environment. It’s about *LIVABILITY* tests, not at all about ‘speech.’ It’s environment and living.

Why is Help being decreased by online effects instead of increasing? Why are biases about selfishness taking weight over Helping Others? It’s all cultural.

If you were a Sim in a game, and also among NPCs (non-player characters), would you want it to be run like a wild west?

You’ll lose everything if you die like in a PVP no safety net area.

It’s one thing when we *know* it’s a game – it’s another when it’s how social media is used now with public figures, job impact, and real people online thinking it’s a utility or that somehow it ‘reflects’ society or opinions, when actually, they’re part of a chess game and it’s online affecting ‘real life’ – not a strange experimental reflection of what society thinks.

It makes us wonder if the founders, investors, and owners of these systems thinks it’s strangely ‘fascinating’ to watch as if they’re Machiavelli, in a Roman Colosseum, or like Uber’s God View without connection to public safety operation centers. It must be hugely enlarging to their pride to make public figures, world leaders, billionaires, and organizations bow to their feet – and not even know that’s what they’re doing.

Could you imagine if you romanticized cancel culture, fighting for engagement, revolutions, chaos, and more? It is right now.

It absolutely should not be social media’s business to ‘cancel’ anyone or cause more Marie Antoinette fates. They already have huge blood on their hands for previous deaths, lost jobs, micro-massacres, revolutions deposing leadership, individual people being assaulted, hated, or killed, and likely countries going completely backwards towards extremism over the past ten years when social media was the most extensively used.

They’ve propped up people in the hierarchy – men, elites on *their* side, tabloids, fake news, danger, crime, trafficking, domestic abuse, and shallow fighting that hides FAWG inner disable codes of long-held discrimination. There’s intimidation in public life, and most of the research comes from the United Kingdom.

These are the partial thoughts of the tycoon game. Believe me, they definitely don’t want you knowing that they have machine learning and AI! They also don’t want you to know about content review cases.

It’s an Environment, and it’s time for 2nd generations of social media and leadership – the people who experienced the game and want better outcomes. 

You may learn if you interfere online and immerse yourself in why people get targeted in the first place… 1st hand or 3rd party experience is very revealing. It’s not always what the front end appears from the back end.

  • Women Tech Founders…??
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My Dream when younger was… “Inventor and Philanthropist”

My dream of what I wanted to be when I was younger was “Inventor and Philanthropist”

– Maybe I’m closer to that goal with Worldie?

I will have to start that Help Network of 4 years ago… honestly… understanding social media as an evolution has helped that plan too since then (and all-in-one) 🙂

Just have to wait a bit…

Research (and I understand social effects of technology):



(Thanks for the POSITIVE spam🐅)

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Changing the Social Media Industry – Disruptive

I really think there will be change. Worldie.com will force change by entering the market.

Evolve or be replaced. Actually, they cannot adapt since they’re feeding on control, therefore, it’s time for revolution.

I’m mostly a manager and the inventor. I’m not very good at selling or marketing, unfortunately.

Though, talking to people one-on-one has made us get to 148 registered members so far in 2 1/2ish months…

We’re focusing on making the product good. I’ve spent likely over half on improvements and more features.

I wish more people saw us. I cringe at websites like steemit, BitchUte ;), gab, and others getting so much press!! I really think we already have more features than those, and our potential is endless.

To the future… 2.0… It WILL arrive.


(I think this “Go” Ford Commercial with Kelly Clarkson is great! Motivating and funny. I’ve watched it countless times since likely 2016… The lyrics and of course the car race is amazing!))

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