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2 Scholarships & Comeback! 2018

Won 2 scholarships from CSUC today! Haven’t won any since 2013. I guess the Uni doesn’t hate me as much as I thought ;). College of Business, General Scholarship and the R. Scott Chalmers Scholarship. That is a 5 year gap…

Staging a comeback!

Also, getting compliments about Worldie.com from some users! That is good news, though still working. Worldie is my current obsession/passion, and it is best to be obsessed, actually, as a business owner, founder, and manager. It takes great focus, revisions, and listening to constructive criticism. Obsession and passion is a good thing.

The activity on there is going up, and people trickle in even without all features up to snuff. The highest amounts come from Twitter and Discord, which I am figuring out more.

Not saying too much, but the plans improve daily!

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