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#TessMercer ► Did It On Em –

#Business #CEO #Badass. I love this #video! Watched it countless times! #Compete

If anyone wants motivation to compete in an industry, I’d say characters like Tess Mercer are great ones to relate to or look into.

Hopefully it works for the Social Media Industry. No Mercy? Not for the ones of Big Tech who continually attack people and harm them through censorship, bias, and unethical actions.

Continuing on… Features galore and trying to get it right! One day, it will be ready to massively advertise for.

To Change and Freedom…

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Changing the Social Media Industry – Disruptive

I really think there will be change. will force change by entering the market.

Evolve or be replaced. Actually, they cannot adapt since they’re feeding on control, therefore, it’s time for revolution.

I’m mostly a manager and the inventor. I’m not very good at selling or marketing, unfortunately.

Though, talking to people one-on-one has made us get to 148 registered members so far in 2 1/2ish months…

We’re focusing on making the product good. I’ve spent likely over half on improvements and more features.

I wish more people saw us. I cringe at websites like steemit, BitchUte ;), gab, and others getting so much press!! I really think we already have more features than those, and our potential is endless.

To the future… 2.0… It WILL arrive.


(I think this “Go” Ford Commercial with Kelly Clarkson is great! Motivating and funny. I’ve watched it countless times since likely 2016… The lyrics and of course the car race is amazing!))

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Society – What If It Was Different?

I may be being vague about the title, but here are some things which eat away at me (and I just happened to be watching this video – and I suppose it also applies). I go through ethical dilemmas inside, and I change my mind on this, yet, I’m also stubborn. Other people, simply don’t… #HereComesControversy

1. There are lots of homeless people. Sadly, I had an experience when I volunteered at a shelter, when I had an extra room in an apartment that I was renting, that I got in trouble for writing a note that maybe a person (who actually had left there) could stay there. Their reaction was to take me into “the room/aside” (I guess this happens a lot wherever I go :P) and tell me that I couldn’t do that. It’s “dangerous.”

So, 55,000 people in Los Angeles are homeless (this was not in Los Angeles). A couch probably actually is all necessary, not a room (I had some backwards view that a room was required, I guess), and lots probably could do it. They also probably could get EBT/Food Stamps, so no worries about them “eating you out of house and home.” But ehhh, that was really really bothersome.

I literally, from all the experiences I’ve had, feel like I “have” to pretend that I cannot even talk to them, or react anymore. Sure, I’ve been scammed before, but people are very, very, angry, if you give anything. Extremely so. UNLESS IT IS FOOD (which a lot still have). I still kind of, look/stare a bit, and think stuff in my head. So, I guess they are animals? Yet, I’m not far from that… space.

It was just a note… which didn’t happen. I didn’t say it in-person because frankly, I was afraid/expecting that I could get in trouble for offering. Sad, In-My-Opinion. That was a shelter, where also it can take weeks for people to get into and massive screening.

That COULD change. Would be nice. But it won’t. If you talk to them, then I don’t know… I remember so many nasty things said in the past to me if they find out. And well, I cannot keep everything I do to myself, but it was awful stuff. Angry, so angry.

Because of other things I experienced from fall 2014 – fall 2016, I don’t do anything very much now. It’s dangerous – not really from them – but from authorities. Yes, there was a scam, but if society was different, maybe it wouldn’t have been required.

2. Then there’s how nobody cares about this idea I have. I think they think that all business people are selfish?! That’s a false dichotomy.

3. …….. Not sure if there’s a point here.



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Entrepreneurship, Joy the Movie, and Anti-Status Quos

“If this ever goes someplace, some movies like Joy and Pursuit of Happyness are great!

Also, 1) At California State University, Chico, one of the ‘judges’ laughed at us BEFORE we even started to present, as if I would not know how to do a PowerPoint. “If you don’t know how to do a PowerPoint, don’t even bother starting.” HAHAHA – Actually, I had practiced beforehand and of course I knew
– Also laughed at name.

2) 29 C’s (majority of room) said “Scrap idea and go back to the drawing board” (something like that) at my 1 min 20 sec. Pitch in fall…

3) Chico Start didn’t even bother to look at my typed pages when I was seeing if I could get any help with the start up… (so obviously NO feedback on design or development). Instead, do a SURVEY (asking somebody who has NO local ‘friends’) of IF… IF… they would want a different social network. (To discourage the idea obviously, and be REGRESSIVE).
(Did not know about Minds, Gab, Loom, Loomio, etc before to challenge them on that).

4) … well you get the jist. No support around here.

Learn more outside of class.”

– I posted this on Fakebook, Fedbook, Farcebook, or what-have-you (Closed-off Book). 🙂 Actually, I do have a brain, and actually creativity, innovation, resilience, plus some management skills (or well, natural personality), mixes very well.

It’s alright, I just TRY to listen to music, videos, and more inspiring subjects, plus some anti-status quo people or subjects…. all outside of this area. Wouldn’t you think someone and other people who talk online mostly would be better at making networks to make people well, meet? That’s the whole point.

Irony is that people will say to “listen” (as an “EQ” skill – lol, well I got 60s and 50s and proud of it! Sheep zones…) in one class, but if I listened to people, whoooo knows where I would be. Likely not in a good place :P. #LearnYourself #CarryOn – It isn’t all about standardization.

If there is a 70% decline of entrepreneurship under 30 since 1989, it is very, very clear to me why. As for why those people reacted the way they did, I can only speculate in a negative way. Moreover, I criticize calculus required for many business schools now, as it is unrelated. The degrees get harder, the price increases, and the employers say we have less skills or they don’t match up.

Fantastic factory, isn’t it?

I love the below clip, too. “Don’t ever speak on behalf of my business again.” This movie should have way more fans!


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Outsourcing, Why 15-30 Secs for Resumes, & Management

Why not outsource if a start up? Further, why 15-30 second reviews for resumes?! This Carrie Underwood video in Africa takes my mind off the negativity that I HAVE to learn about in these classes. I feel so limited by these standardized classes.

(Frankly, I always questioned what I read, so have to watch videos/music, etc, to move on from it all. Questioning everything also makes a person very bad at standardized entry exams, IQ exams, and definitely 10000% “EQ.” You are sitting there arguing with what you read and why it is presented as such, the bigger meaning, while the “type” of thinking they promote is conformist, taking orders, and not questioning the material). Regurgitation.

Honestly, well, I do not think very positively that supposedly recruiters who (if they aren’t hiring by word-of-mouth) look at resumes for merely seconds. What are they looking for, exactly? Something they are familiar with? Someone they know? A certain “type” of person (cultural or demographical?). Certainly, it isn’t very “bright” to look at 100 resumes in only 50 minutes (100 x 30 seconds/60 seconds a minute). 50 minutes isn’t even an hour of labor!

Moreover, I wonder why no one outsources to Africa. I can only speculate why, and it isn’t positive. Online, I’ve found that many do speak English. The minimum wage skills here isn’t much higher than the skills there. Also, with the tech industry, it’s even easier to Tele-Commute (or well, maybe it should be updated to Web-Commute – maybe one day). Jobs would surely improve the situation far more than… whatever is being done.

Upon this, I’ve been trying to figure out if companies that headquarter in other countries are subject to NSL letters. It’s ridiculous. Personally, I think people behind the scenes are making tons of profit over exploitation, and well, word-of-mouth circles makes this certainly easier to do while calling anyone who questions anything “afraid, paranoid” or what-have-you. Then, they try to narrow people onto certain distracting theories and scapegoats which totally ignore these… whatever they are, word-of-mouth webs.

No “Who’s Who” books these days. Who owns what? You have no clue with stock-holding corporations. That also makes it far easier.


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Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s song is on target. School is like a factory – it forces people to memorize terms which they will never use to converse with people. They’re also ideas created by people who want to control the narrative. Will 90% or more ever be applied in a career? Likely not.

They sell this idea that it “increases critical thinking” or a “type of thinking.” Really? What type of thinking is being cultivated? The “follower” type? Very few classes benefited me in getting larger grasps of the world, but even so, some of them will never be used in any type of business or job. In fact, as mentioned in another post, it is hiring by word-of-mouth. That means, only those with connections get these jobs. Realize, that is the same result from manufacturing and before then, natural resources. (Oh wait, remember the answer is either a written “other” or “none of the above”).

Now, I am having to learn MORE psychobabble in these classes which claim they are for business. I know it is HIGHLY wrong to criticize psychobabble – even harder to do than criticizing race, gender, religion, or well, ANY other subject. It’s literally in everything and creating a class of unseen, unheard, and frankly, brainwashed into submission, class of individuals.

What classes tell students to create inventions? Further, if you look at funding for start-ups, they clearly are going to certain demographics of people. I question if they were from those they knew. For someone like me, that is downright impossible. Further, no classes show you how to do a WeFunder or even set up an LLC or any other business entity! This is business, people. 

I – and who knows how many others – are enrolled for financial aid. If I wasn’t enrolled, my only job is taking orders as a subordinate for the forever – I mean FOREVER – minimum wage. No, nobody would ever be interested in my anti-status quo ideas. Moreover, what applicable skills are you learning? None. Yet, when I came around, the cost of education is probably the highest here than in the entire world (though I heard Canada is pricey too, but alas, it is very American I guess). It’s basically a place to wafer away and try to not drown. Worse, if I could keep that minimum wage job – and try living in California, even in one of the cheapest counties in it. Oh no, you got sick? You get tired standing on your feet all day? You don’t smile? You got angry at work one day because you were too afraid to pretend you were sick instead? Your co-worker reported you because they are jealous of you? Bye.

Now they are teaching this “EQ” test which essentially is just marking people’s social skills and inward-focused viewing. This semester is going to be long. I hate this. Meanwhile, I learn more outside of the classroom.

I feel that school is just an oppressive environment overall. Yet, I remain… and remain… and remain. Granted, I do get those ‘grades’ but it is just even harder when I am trying to create a website. Instead of having internships or real skills that employers ask for – we get…. theories, brainwashing, and honestly, I think it’s just to keep the public content.

Critical thinking was the top one. Only ONE class in that is even required for learning about logical fallacies. 99% of school is “follow the herd.” Now I am hearing about some innovation, but the rest is just conjecture.

Well, I like the song..

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What is Motivationology? – New Intro Video

See the new intro video posted onto the Motivationology YouTube Channel! Upon this, Motivationology’s site should be launched in a month at

Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea. Externalize, instead of internalize. Use self-fulfillment, resilience, and motivation. Empower yourself with the 32 tenets of this alternative philosophy.

32 Tenets:

  1. Motivation
  2. Self-Fulfillment
  3. Resilience
  4. Externalize, Situations, & Environment
  5. Survival
  6. Reasons & Why
  7. Actions & Choices
  8. Solutions, Opportunities, & Possibilities
  9. Strengths, Not Weaknesses
  10. Relationship Triage
  11. Rights & Freedoms
  12. Focus
  13. Encouragement & Rewards
  14. Self-Defense
  15. Independence
  16. Blank Slate View
  17. Nutrition
  18. Economic & Social Aid
  19. Overcoming Adversity
  20. Emulation to Overcomers
  21.  Goals
  22. Adaptation
  23. Cause, Effect, & Results
  24. Questioning Authority & Free Thinking
  25. Logical Fallacies & Critical Thinking
  26. Anti-Psychology
  27. Interests & Activities
  28. Inspiration
  29. Leadership
  30. Self-Starting
  31. Non-Conformity
  32. Ambition

It’s time for a new theory.

See more at

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Word-of-mouth, conformity, & why Presidents?

“Money is the anthem of success” says the song in the video. Well, here I go writing publicly about controversial subjects or different thinking. I’m frustrated by statistics that state hiring is done by word-of-mouth (alright, I know first-hand, actually and the option is under “none of the above”). Yes, I just got denied for another job, and one I thought I was well qualified for. However, this is a pattern.

Schools stated that it was ‘merit’ and once upon a time, maybe 6 years ago, I thought that anyone could be successful if they worked hard enough. Not true, and once a person messes up (as I did 2014 on), it seems that it is permanently a problem.

Upon this, why are there even Presidents? I actually can think this a lot, but it makes no sense for a Single person to speak for, and lead, over 300 million people. Why should a single person do this, instead of a congress/senate or a republic of multiple people, instead of one person? There really shouldn’t be these figure heads. It’s almost like a kingdom. I just don’t think, as an atheist as well since June, that a single entity should or can properly lead. True, I can think of the Greek/Roman councils, however, I am sure that it would suffice with a group leading, rather than one person. They had czars though, still.

Then there’s social conformity. Honestly, I’ve actually always had, I admit, hesitation, I guess that could be ‘fear,’ (but more like smart keeping to myself) of saying what I’m really thinking to other people, thinking I could be attacked for it. Creativity, innovation, self-starting, independence, and free thinking seems to be gone and not approved of. It feels even more so as time goes on.  The more conformist a person is to social pressures, the more ‘successful’ they are. However, social pressure can lead to downfalls, as well. It’s true… in reality, you can be discriminated against for beliefs or different ideas. I’ve even had a co-worker in the past want to report me for saying that people aren’t ‘born’ with cancer (cancer evolves). They kept saying that people are ‘born’ with it. Upon this, there’s this entire field that strangles freedom of thought, and well, NATURAL emotions and reactions.

Moreover, PR agencies are used to get articles in the media, and the media is heavily controlled and narrow. You find out more from social media posts than the ‘news.’ I now have proof of this, too. You can pay PR agencies to do this. It is not a ‘conspiracy.’ I’m too honest…

Well, the ‘news’ of today is the Luthor | National Anthem Video! It is always interesting to me!

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