December 29, 2017

Word-of-mouth, conformity, & why Presidents?

by Christina Taft in Controversial

“Money is the anthem of success” says the song in the video. Well, here I go writing publicly about controversial subjects or different thinking. I’m frustrated by statistics that state hiring is done by word-of-mouth (alright, I know first-hand, actually and the option is under “none of the above”). Yes, I just got denied for another job, and one I thought I was well qualified for. However, this is a pattern.

Schools stated that it was ‘merit’ and once upon a time, maybe 6 years ago, I thought that anyone could be successful if they worked hard enough. Not true, and once a person messes up (as I did 2014 on), it seems that it is permanently a problem.

Upon this, why are there even Presidents? I actually can think this a lot, but it makes no sense for a Single person to speak for, and lead, over 300 million people. Why should a single person do this, instead of a congress/senate or a republic of multiple people, instead of one person? There really shouldn’t be these figure heads. It’s almost like a kingdom. I just don’t think, as an atheist as well since June, that a single entity should or can properly lead. True, I can think of the Greek/Roman councils, however, I am sure that it would suffice with a group leading, rather than one person. They had czars though, still.

Then there’s social conformity. Honestly, I’ve actually always had, I admit, hesitation, I guess that could be ‘fear,’ (but more like smart keeping to myself) of saying what I’m really thinking to other people, thinking I could be attacked for it. Creativity, innovation, self-starting, independence, and free thinking seems to be gone and not approved of. It feels even more so as time goes on.  The more conformist a person is to social pressures, the more ‘successful’ they are. However, social pressure can lead to downfalls, as well. It’s true… in reality, you can be discriminated against for beliefs or different ideas. I’ve even had a co-worker in the past want to report me for saying that people aren’t ‘born’ with cancer (cancer evolves). They kept saying that people are ‘born’ with it. Upon this, there’s this entire field that strangles freedom of thought, and well, NATURAL emotions and reactions.

Moreover, PR agencies are used to get articles in the media, and the media is heavily controlled and narrow. You find out more from social media posts than the ‘news.’ I now have proof of this, too. You can pay PR agencies to do this. It is not a ‘conspiracy.’ I’m too honest…

Well, the ‘news’ of today is the Luthor | National Anthem Video! It is always interesting to me!

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